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High performance


Air pollution


Automatic brightness adjustment

Wall Clock

Temperature, Humidity


Notification of ventilation

Monitoring air

24 hour

AI algorithm

Intuitive Information Delivery

AI algorithm

Accurate real time

Simple adjustment

7 measurements of air pollution, state-of-the-art technology, and minimal design.

Show the air as if looking at a watch

  Wall clock with new concept - show the air  

Check fine dust and air pollution at a glance by looking at the clock.



When air pollution is detected, the red Oracle glow illuminates to indicate when the ventilation is occurring.

Monitors seven kinds of indoor air pollution


24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Indoor air dependent on air purifiers

Now check out


Oracle with the latest sensors and AI algorithm technology.

High-performance fine dust sensor, ultra-fine dust sensor

and AI algorithm

Oracle's laser scattering high-performance fine dust sensor measures even very small fine dust without missing it.
Thanks to that, you can easily notice the small dust inflow.

Fine dust(PM2.5) : Carcinogens blamed for lung and bladder cancer.

Display measured from 0 to 999ug/m3

Oracle AI sensor calibration algorithm

Oracle AI sensor calibration algorithm improves

accuracy of commercial fine dust sensors.

Before algorithm calibration

After algorithm calibration

Accuracy increased by 42 times

High performance gas sensor

to measure air pollution

Volatile organic compounds(VOCs)

House Syndrome 

Atopic dermatitis



Carbon dioxide(CO2)


Decreased concentration

Carbon dioxide
400 ~ 999ppm

Volatile organic compounds
0~999 ppb

High performance

temp. and humi. sensor


Temperature and humidity monitoring for virus and bacterial reproduction control

Is it too hot or dry?
Temperature and humidity control are essential for health.

Temperature : -9 ~ 99 ℃, -9 ~ 99 ℉

Relative humidity : 0 ~ 99 %

The accurate current time

There is no function that is used more often than checking time in daily life.

Oracle uses the High Performance Time Measurement Module (RTC) to tell you the exact time with 2 parts per million error.

Darker at night,

brighter during the day.

On a dark night, too bright light is dazzling.

Most intuitive

large numeric display

Oracle chose numbers as a way to deliver the fastest and most accurate information.

We can always check the air condition of your house at a glance through a large numeric display.

Red Oracle Glow

for Air Pollution

When indoor ventilation is required, the Oracle glow will be dimmed.

It's a clock.

It's simple to operate.

Simple operation of Oracle that can be adjusted

with only four buttons.

How are other users using Oracle?

(Cradle to be sold separately)

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